Competent Person Fall Protection

Competent Person Fall Protection


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Per requirements found in OSHA 1926.500 (Construction), ANSI Z359 and industry standards, this class will prepare your employee to be the designated competent person at your workplace. Topics covered include:

  • Types of Fall hazards 
  • Prevention and Protection methods
  • OSHA regulatory requirements
  • Guardrail Systems, Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Safety Net Systems, Warning Line Systems, Safety Monitoring Systems, and Controlled Access Zones.
  • Procedures for inspecting, maintaining, and storage of fall protection systems.
  • Physics of a Fall
  • Fall Rescue 

Hands-on exercises include but are not limited to:

  • Inspection of Fall Protection gear and equipment
  • Donning and doffing of harnesses
  • Simulated rescue
  • Calculating fall distances.