Excavation and Trenching Competent Person

Excavation and Trenching Competent Person


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This class covers OSHA’s 1926.650, Subpart P requirements for excavations. Students will learn prevention methods and the duties and responsibilities of the Competent Person at an excavation site that include but are not limited to: inspections and identification of potential and existing hazards inherent to working in or around excavations and trenches, prevention of trench collapses, atmospheric and water hazards, entry and exit requirements, working with heavy machinery, materials handling, traffic controls, overhead and underground utilities, and protective systems including sloping, shoring, and shielding.  

Hands-On exercises include soil sampling using a penetrometer, using a gas meter to check atmospheric conditions, and installation of shoring systems (if feasible).

Upon successful completion of a written exam, students will be given a competent person certification for excavation.